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Why Is Alcohol Harmful To Your Oral Health?

Every year, more than $19.9 billion is spent on alcoholic products in the US alone. This figure continues to increase every passing year and is predicted to touch $25 billion soon. As a comparison, the total military budget of Mexico was just over $6 billion. Moreover, this startling figure denotes how much alcohol is consumed around the US.

Another study revealed that Americans consume over 65.5 billion beers and 13.7 billion glasses of wine. This does not include the 29.3 billion alcohol drinks that are consumed additionally.

Alcoholic beverages are harmful for your oral health in terms of tooth staining, dryness, and bacteria buildup.

Tooth & Tongue Discoloration

When it comes to teeth staining, we are not unaware of the detrimental effects that may be caused by sugary beverages. Not only these beverages leave a permanent discoloration along your teeth, but they also harm your bodily sugar levels. Consequently, it is the same for alcoholic drinks. The more you drink them, the more your teeth suffer from discoloration. Especially, drinks such as wine have a rich level of coloring agents that can affect the enamel.

If you think beer is better because it has less intense color, think again. Beer is only a little less evil than wine. They both equally contribute to discoloration due to their alcoholic contents.

In this case, the treatment can be to get your teeth whitened by a professional oral hygienist. However, not all of us are carrying multiple grands in their pockets.

Dry Mouth

Most people experience dryness of mouth after consuming alcohol. This is not merely a delusion, but actually true. Alcohol can directly contribute to depleting saliva in your mouth and makes it feel dry. Furthermore, as we all know, saliva is decisive in digesting our food and breaking it down to pieces. It also helps in breaking down plague and keeping teeth wet and moist. While this may not seem as a huge problem initially, it is actually a rampant problem among elders.

Some people even use saliva substitute to act as a barrier. The gravity of this situation is more than what it seems. The only resort is to avoid alcoholic beverages and ensure that you are well-hydrated.

Bacteria Buildup

Counter-intuitively, wine actually kills the bacteria that are responsible for cavities. However, it does not mean that we should be drinking wine all the time. The reason alcoholic beverages result in bacteria buildup is that many of these beverages contain some amount of sugar. This sugar composites itself in the creases of your braces, teeth, or tongue. Furthermore, this sugar then starts to evolve into acid that continues to harm your braces, teeth, and tongue.

Not only that, this corrosion expands to depletion of enamel. Enamel is the outer portion of your tooth and it handles keeping your teeth glossy and white. It is also said to be the hardest part of your body. Even though it is the hardest part of your body, it can be easily frayed through constant exposure to acidic compounds, rubbing, or sugary drinks.

On top of that, enamel does not heal unlike many other parts of your body. Would you be willing to sacrifice something so permanent?

Alcohol is undoubtedly one of the worst things when it comes to your oral health. Your oral hygiene is of utmost importance and should be cared for extensively.


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