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Tips For Effective Oral Hygiene

White teeth are a sign of health and beauty. So let’s talk about a few easy tips that can help individuals in adding whiteness to their teeth. However, it must be remembered that individuals who consume;

  1. Black tea
  2. Nicotine (cigarettes)
  3. Alcohol
  4. Betel

might suffer from teeth discoloration which can be permanent in severe cases. Those who are working towards lightening the color of their teeth should also cut down on the consumption of gravies and dark juices etc.  In fact anything they eat which is dark will require brushing their teeth immediately afterwards before the stain can settle into the pores of the teeth.

There are countless over the counter bleaching agents for the teeth that work as effectively as a professional teeth whitener. If nothing is available eat an apple as it’s the best natural teeth cleaning agent. In order to keep the teeth white it is important to learn how to brush properly. It is recommended by dentists that the tooth brushes should be held by the individuals at an angle of 45 degrees from the gums and then used in circular motions. Also the toothbrush should be held in the hand like a pencil. Those who are using electrical toothbrushes should be careful of changing the head of the same after every three months at the most. Those who use manual ones should replace theirs after the same time as otherwise the toothbrush becomes a haunt for bacteria and grime.

Oral hygiene is not restricted to teeth alone. In fact it is recommended that the individuals make use of a tongue scraper to clean their tongues regularly. This will help in the removal of the tongue plaque from and curb bad breath problems at the same time. Most of the dentists agree that a tongue scraper works better than a toothbrush for cleaning out the tongue. Another very effective way of killing the bacteria and germs in the mouth is rinsing the same with apple cider vinegar. In fact many people gargle with the same every morning and use it as an alternative to a mouthwash. It helps in removing stains and whitening the teeth as well.

To augment the strength of the toothpaste without swapping it for another brands sprinkle it with baking soda twice in a week. Baking soda helps in adding a shine to the teeth and removal of stains. Salt can also be used for the same purpose as its abrasive nature will help in effective removal of plaque from the teeth.
When shopping for mouthwashes make sure to opt for those which are alcohol free so that it doesn’t dry out the tissues of the oral cavity.

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