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Identifying The Damaged Roofs

Whether buying a house or not it is important that one is able to identify the roof damages so as to take measures on time to save lives and valuable before any major mishap takes place. There are various reasons because of which the roofs of the homes get damaged. Some of the factors responsible for this damage include but are not limited to;

  1. Ice
  2. Severe temperatures
  3. Strong winds
  4. Falling of a tree etc.

In order to be able to identify the damage caused to the roofs of a house the individuals can make use of the simplest tools like ladder and a flashlight. When checking out the roof the surrounding area should be checked for objects like fallen trees etc. If there is one, check out the shingles for signs of scraping or cavities. No matter how small or insignificant a cavity may appear it is more often an indicator for a cracked limb. In such scenarios a professional should be hired without losing any time for further inspection.

If the topmost levels of substrate or gravel are disturbed on the surface of the shingles or missing altogether it is a matter of concern and should be handled by a professional. Most of the times a hailstorm is the culprit for missing shingles. Another indicator for a damaged shingle is that it will appear darker than the other shingles which have been bleached under the sun. The shingles can come off in sections or randomly. In case the ground surrounding the home or the gutters inside the home are filled with white gravel particles it indicates the missing of substrate. In case of tiled roofs they should be inspected for broken tiles.

In case of a loose clay tile a spot will be left barren on its place which is easy to identify. When done with the roof the next room to examine is the attic. A flashlight should be used to check it for water leakages on the underside of the roof. If plywood has been used in the attic then it would be wise to look out for stains. Most of the leaks are present near openings of the vent. However, the entire attic should be checked thoroughly. It is important to keep in mind that looking at a building from ground is not sufficient for roof inspection.

One will have to make use of a ladder to take a good look at the roof itself. Also once damage has been identified the individuals should not waste time in hiring the services of a professional. Nor should they delay the repairing as it is crucial for survival of those living or working inside the building.

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