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6 Examples of Brands That Inspire For Their Content Strategy

The content marketing is a very effective way to retain existing customers and try to attract new customers strategy because it is based on the value contribution.

That is why today, many companies have decided to incorporate this type of strategy and offer something more to their customers. Here we present 6 brands that managed to have successful campaigns thanks to its content marketing strategy.


The content strategy managed by Oncosalud is undoubtedly one of the most important tools that has helped to strengthen its brand presence and its authority in health issues related to cancer.

And how did they do it? They created their own blog “Your fight, my struggle” in which the oncology doctors themselves share their recommendations, advice and preventive information so that readers can improve their lifestyle and prevent cancer.

The results have been very effective, and many people feel identified with each content that is shared both on the blog and on social networks. In this way, engagement in social media also increased, and the comments received are positive trends. Your customers and potential customers value this contribution of value to your daily life.

2. “Feel the Taste” – COCA COLA

Who does not remember the famous “Uncover Happiness” of Coca Cola. However, this brand has always shown us that it goes further and seeks new ways to connect with its audience.

This is how the well-known slogan was changed to “Feel the Taste”, which encompasses a concept that is much more focused on the product but taking into account the insights of its consumers. It is a change in the global strategy of the brand, since internally it seeks to extend the value and magic of the Coca Cola brand to all its variants to have a “unique brand”.

The announcement of “Feel the Taste” captures the experiences of life and conveys the idea that the simple fact of enjoying a Coca-Cola, makes your everyday moments even more special. It also has an original song, “Taste the Feeling” reinterpreted by Conrad Sewell. Undoubtedly, the brand reinforces the company’s commitment worldwide to promote options to the different lifestyles of each of the consumers.


The Columbia Institute has managed to increase its lead generation, engagement and brand presence thanks to its content marketing strategy. And it is important and valuable that the education sector has this strategy very strengthened.

Applicants to some of the professions offered by Columbia need to answer their doubts to find out what their true vocation was. This is where the institute offers them valuable content that will help them to advance in their buyer journey : a specialized ebook on the 3 races behind traveling. The student will not only know more about the top careers, but will also have information about the labor market and testimonies that help him make his decision.

Columbia managed to cover this need in its potential client and reached a conversion rate of 27% for this ebook, which generated a greater number of interested leads in its programs. A success!

4.¬† “Sweet Moments” – Sprudio

Generate memorable content  that is relevant and useful for your buyer person is an effective strategy to attract your audience, convert them into leads, close as customers and delight them through the personalization of their messages.

This type of strategy is used by Sprudio – subliminal music download site, which seeks to offer content that appeals to its ideal clients through its blog. It shares tips for the ages & gender. According to the insights of their potential visitors, they offer them this type of content that addresses their interests and captivates them. In this way, they are more present and accompany their customers on a day-to-day basis.


The hotel industry is also a great opportunity to innovate and implement content marketing strategies. This is how the Hotel Golf Los Incas opted for this methodology and gave its customers the added value they were looking for . While what is sought to convey is the hotel’s own experience, the target audience has other insights that can be addressed with the content marketing.

For example, you have the executive buyer, who are the people who travel for business and decide to stay at this hotel. What contents are the ones that could interest them? Maybe restaurant recommendations for a business dinner, or a tour in Lima to know the main attractions, or maybe tips to choose the best hotel on your business trip. All these options are those that Hotel took into account and included in your blog.

Not only do they offer a service, but they offer recommendations to those business travelers, couples looking to relax on a weekend, and women who enjoy the spa. This new strategy managed to improve engagement in social networks by 50% by covering all these topics that your audience is interested in.

6. Daily Ali – ALICORP

Taking advantage of all the tools that technology provides us with today is vital to generate content marketing strategies that bring you closer to your audience.

Alicorp did it, and focused on the role of women, who are their main consumers. That is how they made a spot where they wanted to highlight the achievements that women have had and have nowadays, and the challenges they face. Thinking about them and the activities they do, they launched a digital platform called “Daily Ali”in which you can find recipes, advice for the family, for the house, for the kitchen and for them.

Not only do they seek to connect with their main consumer, but they offer valuable content that can be useful on a day-to-day basis, thus creating a relationship of trust and fidelity.

Consumers want stories

Involving audiences through creative ways is more meaningful than any Twitter or Facebook post. By creating truly authentic and enjoyable experiences, the mentioned brands have made great strides towards building lasting relationships with their audience, which is one of the main marketing objectives.

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