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Santorini – A Breathtaking Island That You Must Visit Once In Your Life!

If you love to travel the world, meet new people and see new places, you must visit islands as well. Allowing you to unwind, get sometime by yourself away from the hustle and bustle of life, islands not help you have a great time but also provide you with beauty, selection and much more. Santorini is one of the most enchanting beaches in the world that you must not miss out on.

Best known for its colorful beaches, you will fall in love with this wonderful destination once you step on its red and black sands. It is one of the most visited Greek Isle destinations and offers scores of things to do in addition to its range of attractions.


Santorini has 2 inhabited islands in addition to a number of islets. Generally visitors prefer to stay on Thira, the biggest island that is home to Santorini’s major towns. Some of the best places to visit here include the Sleepy Thirassia, Palaia Kameni, and Christiana.


Santorini offer tons of things to discover and enjoy. There are great archaeological site to check out. You will also love to head to the historic places such as Manolas in Thirassia by climbing the primordial stairs. From this point you can also catch a spellbinding view of the caldera, a turquoise water pool that would delight you in an amazing way. Since the island has a lot to offer, its best to plan a trip that lasts for a few weeks so that you can do much more to maximize your experience of this fantastic destination.


The official language of Santorini is Greek. In the areas where there are tourism acrtivities you can communicate in English but its best to learn some basic words and phrases so that you don’t have to face the language barrier. Carrying your dictionary with you during your trip is also a smart way to communicate with the locals.

How to Save

If you are a budget travel visiting the island during the fall and spring can be best. During these times you can benefit from some great deals offered by prominent hotels. Hotels in towns such as Perissa and Kamari are more affordable than those in Oia. Those who wish to save on dinning as well should try heading to inland. Though the idea of tasting the fresh seafood at the restaurants on the front beach sounds wonderful but they are much more highly priced while the food they offer is not worth the money. It’s ideal to check out a taverna in town where you can enjoy some fantastic food at affordable prices.

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