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How to Improve Your Business Communication Skills?

The idea of business communication has greatly transformed over the years. In the past, business communication was limited to letter writing and telephone call attending alone. But today, it has become much more complex and wide. Limiting communication to message alone is no more the right definition of the term.

Since it is the essence of management, no one in business can excel without effective communication. No matter if you have to delegate tasks, motivate employees, convince customers or do anything else without proper communication you will not be able to do it.

Types of Business Communication

Communication in business can be of 2 types:

  1. Oral Communication. Oral communication includes both formal and informal methods of communication such as discussions, meetings and interviews. You have to discuss various issues with your subordinates, peers and others in the company on a regular basis. Meetings can be held within the department or may involve a number of departments. This type of formal communication in verbal form also holds lot of importance since it may help in the process of making critical decisions in business. Interviews are held at the time of hiring someone so you need to have good interviewing skill which is a part of the communication skill; it will help you pick the right person for the right job.
  2. Written Communication. Emails, agenda, reports and manuals are some of the forms of written communication. You may have to write emails to customers and the staff everyday to communicate various matters and pass on vital information. Emails must be written well so that they may convey the right message. In the same way, memos and other forms of written communication involved in business must be perfect. If you don’t communicate the written messages properly they may cause any kind of confusion or misunderstanding. Miscommunication may even lead to loss of money or other business opportunities.

Here are some quick tips that can help you improve your communication skills:

  • Enrolling in training programs and communication classes can be a great way to develop your business communication skills.  A number of institutes offer communication training programs and classes. You may also find communication skills courses online and study remotely alongside your work.
  • While communicating, make sure you follow the C7s of communication: clarity, conciseness, correctness, concreteness, courtesy, coherence and completeness. It means that while you communicate at any platform you must keep in mind that what you are saying is clear and correct. The information that you have to give out must also be concise and to the point. In the same way, something that you say must not be incomplete; present the complete information.

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