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5 Awesome Strategies For Digital Marketers In 2019

Each year there are various new digital marketing trends that emerge. These trends become a significant part of any digital marketing strategy. In this digital era, trends change within no time. So, creating a marketing strategy becomes extremely important.

In this article, you will get to know about some awesome strategies that you can use in 2019 as a digital marketer.

  1. User-Generated content

One best way in which marketers are able to approach organic reaches is with the help of user-generated content. In the past year, it was reported that user-generated posts were performing better with higher engagement rate than standard brand posts.

Brand authenticity is the first thing that every user looks for. Various ways like reviews by influencers (preferably belonging to the same niche) or expert serveys are becoming quite popular and impactful marketing strategies. However, it’s also said that content posted by customers for their brand helps to humanize the marketing efforts of all such brands.

  1. Secret Facebook groups

If you talk about current status then Facebook has three types of groups: closed, public and secret. For joining a closed group a person has to get approved by an administrator or a current member can invite them for joining. There are some companies that often provide exclusive discounts, previews and immediate responses to any query. According to an algorithm of 2018 Facebook groups were prioritized over pages because of a surprising reason that was “sense of community”. Therefore, it is said that Facebook pages will become a significant marketing strategy for 2019

  1. Instagram stories

Digital marketing experts have become quite confident about the rise of varied video montages like Facebook stories and Instagram stories. These stories have become a great source of marketing for every brand. These stories have made it easy to convey any important information to their audience. You can create eye-catching Instagram stories with the help of a free designing tool like Canva. This tool will help you save a lot of your time to create one for your brand page.

  1. Messenger apps and Chatbots

Messenger apps have made it easy for users to engage with brands and build a stronger relationship. For Instance, Facebook with its messenger bot helped various users to conveniently contact brands easily without even leaving their social media feed

messenger apps to offer users an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with brands.

  1. Live video

Live video has grabbed many eyeballs for a while now. It has become exceedingly popular amongst all the Youtube, Facebook and Instagram users. It provides a perfect opportunity for brands to get in contact with their audience. Few things like promoting the live stream event to grab more audience, adding the timings and details about going live on Facebook or Instagram stories are some extremely necessary steps to make sure the engagement rate goes high.

Digital marketing is a growing marketing technique which is now adopted by every leading brand around the globe. I hope all the above points helped you to know about some of the amazing digital marketing strategies that can be used in 2019. Have any doubt regarding the above topic? If yes, reach out to us through the comment section below. Thank you!

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